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Hot Yoga Barcelona in Gracia Spain

We all need balance, either in Yoga, life, or Spiritually.


Through commitment and dedication, practising Hot Yoga assists in bringing balance to whichever you need. 


Hot Yoga Barcelona uses traditional and modern yoga styles, which are therapeutically enhanced by applying 40°C heat and 40% humidity to the practice room. Don't sweat it, this allows for deeper and safer postures, relieves stress, detoxifies the body and improves your mood.


Yoga After Glow Guaranteed. 

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Sept 20 - 23, 2024


 4 Day4 Day Yoga Retreat Spain 




 200h 200h Hot Hatha Vinyasa YTT  

What Students Are Saying About Us

(...) the instructors are truly what kept me coming back. I got to take a variety of Bikram, Vinyasa, and Pilates classes with Miranda, Frederieke, Sergio, and Gustavo and I can’t thank them enough for how they helped me grow in my yoga practice. Not only are they so knowledgeable and interactive, but they were the most kind and thoughtful people. 

Hot yoga Barcelona makes me feel safe. The teachers are diverse, attentive and make me feel comfortable to explore all that hot yoga has to offer. They teach me about ownership, feeling balanced, taking a moment of self-care as a mom of two little ones. Every time I practice, I feel both mentally and physically refreshed. Practising in the studio makes me always feel better and able to face any issues of daily life more calmly.

It's one of the best studios I've been to-- super clean, calm, and with knowledgeable instructors who take the time to answer your questions. Each teacher contributes something different to the series of poses, and I leave class feeling like I've learned something. Moreover, there is a really friendly atmosphere.




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