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Classes We Offer

Everyone leads a busy life nowadays. This can add stress and create unbalance, affecting your productivity and happiness. ​We offer classes throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule, allowing you to re-focus your mind and re-centre your body. 
Your well-being is our priority; see how we can help to make the most out of your life.


This Hot Yoga class comprises 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room of 40°C and a humidity of 40%. This environment provides for an amazing experience. You will be able to achieve deeper poses and greater dynamic range as the heat helps to loosen muscles and joints.  You may also find improvements in muscle tone, lower body strength, and balance, as well as better quality of sleep, mental clarity and focus. We are sure you will feel more motivated, want to eat more healthy, and lower your stress levels.   



A continuous flow of postures with synchronized breathing that combines strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, cardio and concentration, designed to soothe and invigorate. Also known as Flow or Power Yoga, and of course we add some heat to get everything working better.


The yoga postures are many and creatively  sequenced in a smooth and continuous movement, linking each pose through breathing. We have classes of 60 and 75 minutes.



BURN is a workout on the beat of the music. It has 4 phases: Mindful Warm Up - HIIT Workout - Final Burner - Relaxing Winding Down. It’s a cardiovascular full-body workout at 30°C, which combines Yoga and Pilates moves with HIIT. 


HIIT contains dynamic movements, static positions, cardio and strength exercises, marked by a timer. During the Burner the moves are matched to the music: you will be grooving while getting stronger. 



Yin Yoga is a restorative yoga style in which the asanas are held for a longer period of time, about 3/5 minutes each, focusing on passive stretches. The aim is to harmonize the flow of life energy in our body, by working on the deep connective tissues. Great side effect is that you gain more flexibility.


​The class is warm at 25°C, not super hot so you do not risk to overstretch while staying in postures for a longer time. You may want to bring an extra layer like a t-shirt but rest assured you will not be cold.


BIKRAM 60 / 75

Not enough time to treat yourself to a traditional Bikram experience, not sure if you can go the full 90-minutes, or want to see what Bikram Yoga is all about in a compact version, then this is for you.

We still go through the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, you will still sweat and receive all the great benefits of this hot yoga class, however this time the posture durations and frequency are reduced to fit into a 60-minute or 75 minute class.



In this class you will focus on breathing, concentration, centering, flow, postural alignment, precision, relaxation, and stamina. This diverse range of movements and exercises emphasizes the developing of a strong core, which is the key to a person’s stability, your powerhouse.  


You will develop muscle tone and strength, particularly your abdominals, lower back, hips, and back. You can also improve your posture, balance and coordination.



Power Vinyasa is here for advanced practitioners who want to take their vinyasa practice to the next level. The pace will be high, the teacher will offer you several variations and different asanas which can be adapted to your own level.


Prepare yourself to get a full-body experience that will not only develop your athleticism, but also provide the mental benefits of a breath-based practice, all while the room is hot and the music is uplifting! 



Are you looking for a tailored experience? With private lessons, you can easily reach your goals sooner, catered to your own wishes and needs, at the time that best suits you. We aim to meet your individual needs that can harness the benefits you seek, both in different yoga styles as pilates. 
We also conduct private sessions for groups, whether it be friends, family, or colleagues, because sharing is fun as well. And if you are looking for a team building activity for your business or corporate event, let us know!


“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

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